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What the Sukkah is made out of

   The Sukkah is made out of a metal frame with four corners. At each corner, there are metal rings where the cross bars slide in. The larger Sukkah's utilize extension beams which has a support bar in the middle. The beams that make up the frame stand vertically at just over 6 feet. The bars that run horizontally range from 4 to 10 feet, but at special request we can adjust to odd numbers.

    The nylon cloth that makes up the walls attaches to the beams with Velcro straps. The standard sizes utilizes one piece of cloth that wraps around the Sukkah. There are windows sown in. Some windows are made from Plastic,and some windows are made from mesh to allow air to flow freely in & out. All the windows have a dark cloth on top which opens and closes for privacy. There is a flap door which has a zipper for opening and closing. Additionally a convenient mesh door comes with all Sukkahs, this will help keep any unwanted guests away.

On top of the Sukkah, we put Wood beams to Support the Schach. The Schach is a mat, which ranges in size, from 4X6 to 10X12. The Schach is under the Star K Hechser
That is the standard Sukkah!


We rent florescent lighting, in the form of a 4' long shop light. 
Our rates are as follows:
1 - $13
3 - $36
6 - $66
10 - $100

Included in price is: The extension cords, Installation into your Sukkah, as well as a basic test to ensure they are working properly.

If a customer is interested in renting Chairs & Tables, we will do our best to services them, and quotes will be given on request.

We do not have or offer posters, pictures or decorations.


The price of the rental includes the Sukkah itself, including the Schach. (many inquire if that's included, so yes it is.)

In Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens & the 5-towns, there is free delivery. Outside of those areas, for example the Bronx or New Jersey, there is a delivery charge. That charge is based upon distance and tolls from our warehouse. The delivery charge is a one-time charge which covers the delivery before Sukkos and the pick-up after Sukkos.

Installation is done by our own team of experts, whom will build the Sukkah. The location is the customers choice as long as it's a safe area and on private property. For roof installation, we need to be notified prior because of requests for tie downs and extra weights for the Sukkah. As well as, extra wood for the Schach for support and to prevent the Schach from blowing away.

After Sukkos, we will come to dissemble the Sukkah and take away. Generally within 72 hours from when Sukkos finishes.

(Upon request, we will be available to pick up during Sukkot (intermediate days) if the customer is no longer in need of the Sukkah.)

During the holiday (and from when we install the Sukkah), if any technical problems arise, such as a shop light not working or even if the Sukkah gets damaged, we will repair or replace in a timely manner and as soon as possible. Customer is not responsible for damages that they did not cause. An example of this would be strong winds or falling debris.

Price quotes and measurements of a yard or porch are offered free in the Brooklyn area.

Custom size Sukkah's; A non refundable deposit (10% of rental price) is necessary to confirm your reservation.